When it comes to styling, we often ignore wearing the clothes with neckline according to face shape and face tone. If we talk about face shape then, neckline plays an important role. Necklines of your upper wear can decide the whole look of your outfit. If you are someone who never pays any attention to your neckline, you might need to change your thinking now.

Finally, when you decide to wear a neckline according to face shape, the biggest challenge is to choose the perfect neckline for your face. In this small piece of information, we are going to tell how you can choose the perfect neckline for your face shape?

First of all, stand in front of a mirror and analyze your face shape. Figure out if it is oval, round, sharp, or small, etc. Once you know the exact shape of your face, read the following content to match the neckline according to face shape.

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Scoop Neckline For Oval Face Shape

neckline according to face shape

The scoop neckline according to face shape works perfectly for an oval shape. The people with oval face shapes have a great jawline. A scoop neckline helps to enhance the jawline. You can make your jawline look sharper if you choose a wider scoop neckline with less depth. If you are not comfortable with the scoop then replace it with a turtle neck. It can help your face to look much shorter. Check the image above  to get a clear idea.

V Neck For Round Shape 

Neckline according to face shape


A round face is one of the most common shapes. Almost every chubby people have a round face shape. Try to wear a V neckline according to face shape. Choose the one with large width and depth. It can help to hide the face fat and make it look more neutral. Round face people should never choose the round neckline. It can make you look like a potato. Apart from V neck, you can also go for sweetheart, empire, and queen neckline.

Boat Neck For Long Face

neckline according to face shape

The boat neckline according to face shape is ideal for people with a long face. It embraces your face shape and makes it look balanced. To make your boat neck look classier go for halter sleeves. Wear the boat neck with narrow and high necklines. You can replace the boat with a turtle neckline because it helps to look your face shorter.

Wide Neckline For Square Face

Dusk Blue Flared Chiffon Jumpsuit

If you also have a square face shape just like Anushka Sharma, you need to wear wide neckline according to face shape. People with square faces may have very sharp angles beneath the cheeks and a pointed jawline. Boat and empire necklines will not match the square face shape. It can create an illusion to make the sharp angles look very narrow. Along with the wide choose a deeper neckline to enhance the geometry of your face. The same rules can be applied to the rectangular face shape.

Off-Shoulder For Heart Face


Deepika Padukone’s face is the perfect example of a heart shape. In this shape, the forehead is wider and then the width keeps on decreasing result in a narrow chin. The diamond shape is also similar to the heart face shape. Off the shoulder, the neckline helps to draw attention to the upper part of the body. It enhances the geometry of the face instead of distorting it. Along with off-shoulder, boat neck and deep V neck also go with the heart face shape.

Halter Neck For Triangle Face Shape

neckline according to face shape

People with triangle face shape has very sharp angles again. Halter nneckline according to face shape fits perfectly for such faces. Try to wear very less deep halter necks to enhance the geometry of your face. Halter with high neck tops brings out more from the face geometry and draw the attention to face only. You can choose a top with such neckline and a funky back design to make the outfit look more attractive.

These were the six most common face shapes with their appropriate necklines. It is important to wear suitable necklines not only to look perfect but also to walk confidently in your outfit. The confidence is at its peak when you know that everything is perfect from your makeup to your outfit. Therefore don’t ignore the small things like neckline and follow the rules as much as possible.

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