Leather has been ruling the fashion world for a very long time. Leather has been on top of the head of every fashion freak, gaining supreme affection in the fashion. But not anymore, vegan handbags is all ready to overpower the leather.

What is this Vegan Leather? Well, vegan leather is any material similar to leather but is made without the use of animal skins. It is made up of pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic. Faux leather, synthetic leather, leatherette, PU is some other names for non-animal leather.

Recently vegan handbags in India have attracted a lot of consumers and have quickly occupied a lot of markets. It is a better alternative for the world as well as us; it is way cheaper and reliable than real leather. There is available a wide range of luxury vegan handbags that may compete with real leather to a great extent. Moreover, this animal-friendly fashion is soon going to dominate over everywhere and is predicted to wipe off leather completely someday. Here are five affordable vegan handbags that are very stylish and cool; you will quickly steal every spotlight.

Black Sunday Knot Handbag

Black Sunday Knot Handbag– Best Laptop Bag

This product brings competition to the fashion world with its top-notch look and usage of premium materials. The PETA-approved vegan leather is the wholesome essence of its beautiful look. Among all the luxury vegan handbags in this list, it is among the easiest to care for and extremely reliable for girls.

It weighs only 0.78 Kg (780grams) which makes it easy to carry. The luxury look of this vegan handbag makes it worth going out with different outfits and it does not look odd.

The bag is interconvertible into two types, the detachable long strap, with which you can carry it on your shoulder, and it reaches your waist level. The other is you remove the strap and carry it on your hands, with the two handles given.

Both the styles look amazing. It has one broad compartment with 1 zip pocket and 2 open pockets. Moreover, it comes with zip closure, knot design, amazing to go out to your workplace, office, gathering, etc.

Pink Throwback Pouch Sling Bag

Pink Throwback Sling Bag– Trendy Laptop Bag

A sling bag is generally a bag that is designed to comfortably wear across your back or chest. It fits with a cross-shoulder style strap. A pink sling bag gives a perfect finishing touch to your fashion style, Moreover, it adds to the comfort of the woman wearing it.

This Pink Throwback Pouch Sling Bagis among the luxury vegan handbags which are made out of Premium Vegan Leather. You might have rarely come across the sling bags which are available in Vegan leather, well; this is one of the most affordable vegan handbags. It weighs around 730 grams and also includes a detachable/adjustable string strap. There is only one broad compartment, which usually satisfies a lot of people.

Blue Tuesday Satchel Sling Bag

Blue Tuesday Satchel Sling Bag– Best Laptop Bag

In this list of luxury vegan handbags, here come one more sling bags, which is unlike the most ordinary sling bag. It is compact, lightweight (700 grams), super stylish, and also among the luxury vegan handbags for women. It does not compromise with the quality and provides PETA-approved, Premium Vegan Leather.

Grab one of these and create your style, you can simply rock this handbag with most of your formal outfits and on numerous occasions. It is available in blue, maroon & black colors, around edge, roomy, zip-closure style. It has 1 zip pocket and one open pocket that do not compromise with the style of this vegan handbag.

Brown 14.5 Inch Laptop Bag

Brown Laptop Bag– Stylish Laptop bags

A lightweight, easy to carry, and among the luxury vegan handbags, here comes a 14-inch brown laptop bag that is extremely suitable and stylish for your workplaces, offices, etc. It is extremely strong, as it is made up of Premium Vegan Leather (approved by PETA). There are two compartments in the bag; one directly goes for the laptop. It will provide you front zip pocket, inside one zip pocket, and 2 open pockets. There are two handles available so you can carry the bag handily.

Maroon Saturdaze Double Zip Satchel Bag

Maroon Saturdaze Double Double Zip Satchel Bag– Stylish Laptop Bag

Maroon Saturdaze Double Zip Satchel Bag

In this list of luxury vegan handbags, the last product which is undoubtedly a stylish vegan handbag is this Maroon Satchel Bag.  The compact nature of this bag matched with its bold look gives a super advantage to women. It is edgy, roomy, and has buttons on both sides. It is supported by 3 compartments, out of which 2 of them are zip closure and one is the open button compartment.  The two handles provided make it easy to carry, and it is also among the most affordable vegan handbags.


Using leather is cruel; you are indirectly snatching skins from animals, while vegan bags are surely a good alternative. No matter what season, what weather is going on, or whatever adventure is on board, you will always require a stylish vegan, In fact, handbags have always been a powerful essence to women’s fashion, so why not these superior vegan handbags. 

So, no more paying for slaughter, just pay for style and coolness, with these luxury vegan handbags that come in handy by the brand Vyrana.