Jewellery is a very important and yet, for sure, a very precious one in a women’s life. Jewelleries these days can be spotted in various forms, shapes and designs. These days statement jewellery is a lot in trend. But no matter what, no type of jewellery can replace the handmade jewellery form. The personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work are evident in the masterpieces that they create. However, most people don’t understand why handmade jewellery is more of an investment than its mass-produced counterparts. 

The handmade jewellery pieces have a different charm and authenticity that cannot be ignored. Well, we at vyanra understand the importance of having handmade jewellery in your collection. Hence, here we are with the best collection of handmade jewellery solely designed and curated by the amazing designer Nayna Shriyan. 

ABOUT THE DESIGNER– Best Handmade Jewellery Pieces

Nayna Shriyan is an exclusive jewellery designer who started her designing journey by studying metalwork. During the studying process, the designer learnt about the beautiful carving process of jewellery. Hence, the designer completely believes in all the steps of jewellery designing. The designer also says that, as jewellery is a versatile form of the art piece, it can be designed differently. Hence, her style of jewellery is very different from what we see in the market. 


The designer focuses on including the natural elements in her jewellery designs. As a result, that helps bring a positive vibe to all the jewellery pieces and gives them a super sophisticated touch. The designs of the jewellery include precious stones, beads and earthy elements.

Mentioned below are some charming pieces from the exclusive handmade jewellery collection only from Nayna shriyan. Also, you can access all the products from vyanra.

White Enamel Shell Pendant

handmade jewellery

Shell jewellery is surely the ultimate trend. This beautiful white enamel shell necklace is beautifully designed with simplicity and elegance. The design looks minimalistic yet very trendy. You can easily pair this amazing shell pendant with various types of outfits and surely slay the look. 

Tiger Agate Ring– Best Handmade Jewellery

handmade jewellery

If you are one of those who loves wearing chunky and bold jewellery, then this one is surely for you. The tiger agate ring has a beautiful tiger print embedded in stone. The design of the ring itself reflects immense power and boldness. Not only this, you can surely vibe with the ring once you wear it. One of the best handmade jewellery pieces to pair with Indian and as well as western outfits. The ring is Set in copper with an adjustable band. This beauty is a drop-shaped stone set in a vintage style.

Blue Pottery Bead Bangle

Blue pottery bead bangle

Statement jewellery is in hype these days. Also, one can surely not ignore this amazing statement, bead bangle. This blue pottery bead bangle is made with a combination of the two techniques. The beautiful combination of the results of the technique in the blue pottery bead bangle also has a metallic touch and hence, makes the bangle a perfect statement jewellery piece.

Orchid Flower Pendant 

handmade jewellery

We surely cannot miss this marvellous piece of jewellery design while considering the ultimate collection of handmade jewellery. Also, the beautiful design of the pendant says it all. The beautiful pendant comes along with a green ribbon cord. Also, the petals of the pendant are fully textured and hence gives the jewellery piece a taste of authenticity. A must jewellery piece to add to your jewellery collection. 

Verdict- Best Handmade Jewellery Pieces

So, these are some of the best jewellery pieces from the Nayna shriyan hand made jewellery collection. There are many more. All you need to do is head on to our website and check out the exclusive handmade jewellery collection and all the amazing pieces in your collection. 

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