India is a versatile country and so, its art forms are. Being a secular country India has so many amazing art forms that you might even not aware of. We at vyanra appreciate the classic artforms of Indian fashion and have every form on our platform that should be a must add to your wardrobe. Not only because they look stunning when you wear them or accessorize them, but rather it also reflects how much your love your country’s culture.

Vyanra is a platform where you can find all the different art forms like zardozi, Kantha embroidery, crochet dresses (chain stitch dresses), block-printing, and kolhapuri. These days even the fashionistas are getting inclined towards the old age techniques like zardozi, gotta, Danka, cut dana, Resham aari, and mirror work. The astonishing work done by the hard craftsmen looks stunning on all different kinds of apparel.

Well, if you are one of those who do not have such traditional art form clothing or accessories in your wardrobe, then what are you waiting for? These clothing pieces from exclusive designers like Yutaka, bodhi tree, simply kitsch, ojasvita, and korakari, Nayan shriyan are the must-have in your wardrobe.

Now, let’s move ahead and discover the various art forms of our country and spread the art by adding them to our lifestyle in a super chic and effortless manner.

Different Traditional Art Forms Of India Supported By Vyanra – Indian Fashion



Kantha means, making it whole again that was broken and fragmented. The word itself has a very beautiful meaning and so does the art made by this technique. The Kantha technique was practiced in the oldest times in west Bengal, Bangladesh, and in the states of Orissa as well. It is a very simple running stitch and is used in a variety of different arrangements and patterns and filled with bright colors. The art looks stunning on new modern silhouettes.



Kalamkari is the ancient style of hand painting. It is traditionally practiced on cotton and silk fabric using a tamarind pen with the help of natural dyes. That is involved with the tedious work of dyeing, painting, bleaching, and stretching. Nut the final piece of cloth is worth the time investing it.No doubt, the efforts put in these art forms are a lot and will also cost you a little higher, but at vyanra, you can get these products at affordable ranges.


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Block printing is the famous art of printing cloth pieces with the help of the blocks., These blocks are carved with various patterns and designs. No doubt, the look of the block print in western and as well as on the traditional silhouettes look astonishing. Also, many fashionistas are seen adding them to their wardrobes due to the versatile nature of these prints.


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The Kolhapur chappal is the world-famous crafted footwear. These are designed in the village of Maharashtra known as Kolhapur. These are some of the must things to add to your wardrobe. These days you can also get embellished kolhapuri footwear that you can use for weddings occasion too.


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Crochet work a very delicate form of embroidery which is executed by making the use of chain stitches. These days the crochet dresses, skirts, accessories, and even earrings are very popular. These have a very feminine look. Make sure to add one of these too to your wardrobe.

These are the five major artforms and Indian fashion elements that you should have in your wardrobe. Apart from that, there are many other types of Indian fashion embellishment work which are done by the hard Indian workman. Some of them are zardozi, aari, cutdna, zaveri, gotta patti, phulkari and much more. These art forms are not only popular in ethnic wear, nowadays fusion wear is completely blended with such techniques.

So, let’s spread our artforms and Indian fashion with these exclusive designers and get all the ranges of these spectacular designs at very affordable prices only at vyanra.