Raksha Bandhan 2021 is coming soon. We are sure; almost every sister has already started the search of rakhi for brother. Some of them prefer offline searching while some prefer an online hunt of the best rakhi. Because of the current pandemic situation, we will suggest you all to search the fancy rakhi online. It is still not at all safe to go outside in the markets.

But when you buy an online rakhi for brother, the biggest tension is the quality. There are so many sites that sell fake rakhi at the highest possible prices. If you are also tensed about it, don’t worry we are here to help you out. We will suggest you, the top 5 rakhi for bhabhi and your brother. You can surely trust us with the quality of the rakhi.

Scroll down to the following content for the amazing collection of the rakhi for brother and bhabhi.

Chakra Rakhi With Meenakari- Best rakhi For Brother

Ajna Chakra Rakhi With Meenakari - Silver

Meenakari is my favorite embroidery. When mixed with the silver rakhi, the fusion is outstanding. This rakhi is of yellow and red color with a small silver pattern. It is a handmade product. The best part about this rakhi is that it can be adjusted according to the wrist. One can make it small and large according to the size of the wrists.

The small silver thing is Ajna chakra which means all the seven main chakras of our body. These chakras are responsible for the better health of the human body. Nothing can be the best Raksha Bandhan gift for your brother because you are giving him the Ajna chakra rakhi.

Red Square Polka Rakhi

Red Square Polki Rakhi Bracelet For Men

This one is the best fancy rakhi online. The beauty of this piece is heart-touching. This is also a handmade rakhi with green stone and red thread work. The material used is alloy. The best part of this rakhi is that it is more like a bracelet and hence your brother can wear it every after the festival. This can also be used as a rakhi for bhabhi because of its elegant look.

Sahasrara Chakra Rakhi with Gemstone

rakshi for brother

The rakhi is made up of gold-plated silver Sahasrara chakra. It is the name of the seven chakras of our body. These are mainly the energy source of our body and related to the human organs. The location of this chakra is our head. It is like a crown to our head.

There is beautiful work of yellow and red threads, all done by the hands only. The band is adjustable and you can remove the chakra later on and use it on some other jewelry piece.

Mogra Tassel Kada

rakhi for bhabhi

Don’t get surprised because you can use this product as a rakhi for bhabhi. The beauty of Kada is amazing. White pearls and the ghungroos have been added to this beautiful piece of art. The Kada is adjustable.

There are different techniques used to make this Kada. For example, twisting, looping, and shaping the wires with different tools. The work is very neat and clean. It can be wear after rakhi. Trust us this is the best Raksha Bandhan gift for your bhabi. And if you are a male, you can give it to your sweet sister as a return gift.

Red Honeycomb Pochi Bracelet

Red honeycomb pochi bracelet

This product is also a rakhi for bhabi. Again a magnificent piece of art. It is a handcrafted bracelet with lots of techniques used. The beauty of this bracelet is inspired by the honey bees. Hexagonal polkis are used with a neat work of pearls. The door used is red with goldwork.

It can use as a rakhi for bhabhi and a return gift for your sister. Your sister is going to love this piece of art.

These were our top picks for this year rakhi. Gift these products to your brother and bhabhi and spread the love. These products have some special things which make them different from normal rakhis. Some have seven chakras for the health of your brother and some have beautiful handwork. Whatever product you are choosing don’t forget to add your love inside it. With your love and care, these ordinary products become extraordinary. We hope you enjoy this rakhi with your loved ones. 

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