Are you excited to flaunt your summer clothing style this summer? Well, if yes then wovhan has got an exclusive summer clothing collection only for you! The Wovhan collection is solely designed for the people who are minimalists and believe in“less is more”.  With this exclusive collection, you can make your wardrobe look super uniform, minimalist, and yet super elegant too.

The label’s palette is very down-to-earth and filled with subtle colors like peachy browns, cream, grey with a hint of white. These colors are only very soothing and represent peace and are not very loud.  The main aim of the collection is to become the style quotient for today’s youth. No doubt, you can elevate your style game with this amazing hand-spun fabric of the wovhan summer clothing collection.

The wovhan not only covers luxury apparel instead it also provides the users with various budget-friendly apparel, like western wear, dresses, tunics, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jackets, and crop tops.  These clothing pieces are designed with complete modern silhouettes.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER– Wovhan Summer Clothing

summer clothing

The wovhan collection, a prêt label is launched by the famous fashion designer Sumit Saurya. He is a design graduate from the national institute of fashion technology, Mumbai. The designer has also finished their diploma in leather goods and accessories design from FDDI.


summer clothing

Well, unlike every other brand collection wovhan stand out from the crowd by providing the users with organic cotton clothing.  All the fabrics used by wovhan are 100 percent hand spun cotton and hand weaved fabric. The entire fabric range is certified and manufactured by different weaving clusters across the nation.

The name wovhan is derived by the ultimate combination of the word like WOV- WOVEN, and HANDLOOM FOR HAND. The concept of the whole collection is described by just one single word which is spectacular. The luxury handspun garment line is founded in Patna, Bihar. Now, the brand is retailing all across the world.

The main motive of launching the collection wovhan is to bridge the gap between the customers and its weavers and spinners in addition to modernizing the way, the fabric is perceived. The earlier hand-spun fabric was only accessible to political leaders and the rural people, But with wovhan, each and everyone in the world of fashion can have access to this amazing clothing line made with organic cotton and hand spun fabric.