Every successful venture has a saga preceding it.  It is only after crossing many challenges that something so abstract as a desire or goal takes a concrete form and attains its zenith.  Similar is the case with Vyanra.

Life has become complicated and difficult for everyone in today’s world, be it a working professional or a homemaker.  Everyone works hard to get the best of life in terms of food, attire, residency and facilities.  Amidst the busy schedule of people, sometimes it so happens that they are at the verge of sacrificing their desires and the situation becomes quite ironical that people miss out on that very commodity for which they work hard.

I too encounter such situations many times in life.  Once I was invited to a close friend’s wedding. It was a much-awaited affair for me. I wanted to look my best and enjoy to the fullest. I had visualized a beautiful designer lehenga, which if I had had the time, would have designed myself and got it custom made.  I had also decided upon the kind of jewellery which would go with the lehenga.  But unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to do so.  In fact, I could not even take time to go and search in the kinds of dresses available in the market.  Finally, at the eleventh hour, I had to rush to purchase a lehenga.  Inspite of visiting the best stores, I could not get one which would quench my thirst for the attire of my dreams.  It also turned out that I was shelling out a lot of money for a dress which I was not completely satisfied with.

In a state of dissatisfaction and dejection, I called up a friend to seek some suggestion and he shared that he too was stuck in the same situation. In his case, even though he squeezed in time to explore the local market to purchase the designer sherwani he had seen online he could not get it. This was mainly because the town he hails from has very limited options when it comes to designer clothing. As we were discussing our almost helpless situation and freaking out at the thought, a brilliant idea struck my friend. Yes! He thought of creating an exclusive online store for designer clothing in every possible range. I instantly loved the concept. We decided to partner and bring this idea to form. And that is how VyanRa came into being!

To be continued………. The Saga continues