After this idea germinated in our minds, we started working towards giving shape to it.  It was easier thought than done.  As every successful venture has a history full of challenges and obstacles to it, so had ours too.


We planned everything very meticulously.  Our first step was to approach top designer brands. Simultaneously, we began searching for budding fashion designers who had a pool of innovative design ideas and the talent to execute the same but weren’t getting the right platform to showcase it. Our plan was to give these hardworking and skilled designers a chance to prove their mettle. And this in turn, would help us provide affordable designer dresses to our customers. It seemed like a fruitful collaboration for both the parties. So, we started working towards it.


It was at this moment that I was afflicted by a serious health problem because of which I was hospitalized.  I was in I.C.U. and on a ventilator.  I was at the crossroads of life and death; but by God’s grace, I got a new lease of life.  Because of this, our business venture got delayed.  We worked doubly hard to make up for the lost time.  Meanwhile, Rahul also took to bed because of the stress and many more factors.  Again we lost some time.  We still didn’t give up.  By this time we had everything set to launch ourselves as a common platform for fashion designers and connecting them to the end consumers.  Our website was also completely ready.  But just a few days before the official launch date, our website crashed.  This was the last nail in our coffin.  But we got up again and rescheduled our launch and finally, Vyanra was launched on the 8th of November 2019.


It is said that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. This situation proved right as Our problem gave way to an excellent venture which provides the facility to people to buy ethnic wear online with just a few clicks. We also provide affordable designer dresses and ensure that the delivery is done at the earliest.

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